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A K Dasy
Aaron Martinez
Alan Lasko
Andy Kelly
Andy Reil Piano/Hammond, Flutes and Guitars.
Andrew Cattoir Photography
Anthony Spero
Baker Drums
Barry Britzman
Beau Riebe
Ben L. Davis
Benjamin Kersh
Benjamin Last
Bill Brennesholtz
Bill Dunlap Drums
Bill Marion Superior Auto Service since 1987 1212 23rd. st. Vero Beach Fl. 32960 superiorautoservice@bellsouth.net 772-569-1410 fax 569-7138
Brad Haas
Brent Hartley
Brooke and Bryce Jackson Drum and Guitar students.
Bruce Feldman
Bruce Reilly Bass and vocals. Performs with Crystal Image, Nothing to Fear
Carl Schulte
Carson Alexander Guitar, Vocals and songwriter.
Casey Gibson Drums
Charlie Keen Guitar, vocals songwriter.
Chris Bennett Drums, teacher
Chris Bollinger
Chris Parry
Chris Paul Green Drums
Chris Searles  Drums JAZZ!
Christopher Hunt
Colin Haynes
Craig Dewall
Craig Gottfried
Daniel Tyner
Dave Peraldo
Dave Terry
David Barnes
David Huelsing
David Miller
David Moore
David Novack
David Troen-Krasnow
Dean Peer Bass guitar and songwriter.
Dell Sartin
Dena Holmes
Derek Pflam Drums
Deron King
Din Monster
Donnie Baird
Doug Adashefski Guitar, Keys, Bass & vocals. performs with Hill Country singers.
Douglas G. Bogdan
Douglas Roach
Douglas Williams
Douglas Wood.
Dohyle Hawthorne
Drew Underhill Drums
Edward Barnum
Edward Cornett
Eric Bennes
Eric Bloss
Eric Mancilla Guitar, Ukelele, Charanga, violin, recorders/flutes, songwriter and teacher. Member 3/20/18
Eric Utrecht
Erik Hill
Fernando Calsoni
Gary Brown
Gary Spaulding
Gary Tarplee
Greg Burgoon
Greg Dewitt
Greg Peebles
Hans Stern
Herb Belofsky Drums.
Hunter Lawless Bass, Guitar, Bongos, Vocals and songwriter
Ian Bailey Drums.
Jacob Wiseman
Jaime Fernandez
Jake Waldman
James Broughton
James Ford
Jason Butler
Jay Johnson
Jeff Melanson
Jeffery D. Hill
Jeffrey sears
Jeremy Forbis
Jesus Guerrero
Joan beck
Joey Trojanek
John Birner
John Bush Drums
John Hughey
John Gonzo Drums.
John Pascaretti
John Santiago
John Schmidt Guitar, vocals, songwriter
John Shoupe
John Van Vleck Bassist. Thanks for donated gear John HLA put it to good use
John Weiss
Johnny  Arredondo Drums.
Johnny Benoit Drums
Johnny Blue Guitar, Vocals and songwriter
Jonathan Dew
Jon Glenn
Juan Avalos
Julius Varrenti
K.B.Blystone Guitar and Lead singer Performs with Good Karma
Keith Durand
Ken Flint
Kenneth Fort
Kent Hunstiger
Kerry Castor
Kevin Delatorre
Kevin Tong
Kirk Abe
Kris Boomer
Kris Kubala
Kian Lind Drums for RHCC praise band.
Kitt Elliott Drums, Performs with Good Karma
Kurt Kroche
Kurtis Kredo
Lacey Lewis Drums, Mallets. See her on our players page.
Larry Lipscomb
Leonard Giordano Guitar lead.
Louis Francis
Lucas Romero
Mark Acker
Mark Campbell
Mark McChristian Drums, Guitar, Mallet Kat & keys. Performs with  . mmcchristian@austin.rr.com
Mark rice
Mark Wilson aka Merlin the Wise. Composer, music & film. Guitar, Piano, Drums
Mathew Skocich
Maxwell Luebeck
Maureen Kohler
Michael Boisvert
Michael Christian Drums
Michael Gregos
Michael J. Pena: Drums See Michael on our Player page.
Michael Jones
Michael Madigan
Michael Methven
Mike Agron
Mike Layton
Mitch Elliott Drums
Morgan Ellis
Murray Miles
Nocholas Mues
Nungo Moeller Lund
Paris Parent
Patricia Sloan
Patrick Mangan
Paul Boscorino
Paul Daniel
Peter Brown
Phil Krauss
Qiang Li
R. W. Richardson
Rhonda Skains Drums, guitar.
Richard Berry
Rob Basso
Robert Cook
Robert Malek
Ronald Crowley
Savalas Duncan
Scott Bachman
Scott Colner
Scott Marcus Drums songwriter
Scott Napierkowski
Scott Zook Drums
Sergio Botonni
Shake & Rattle
Shane Jacobs
Shawn Lee
Stan Bandow Guitar, Songwriter.
Steve Haug
Steve Walker Drums Songwriter
Steven Kent
Steven Kimple
Steven Williams
Stuart Smith Guitar and vocals.
Susan B. Laushey
Susan Carter Smith
Svyatoslav Rybak
Terry Campbell
Terry McGee
Theodore Goehgan
Tim Nolan “ Timmy and the TimeBombsBlues singer & harp.
Tood Adams
Todd Giudice
Tonnes Olson
Travis Brown Guitar, songwriter
Victor Contreras
Victor Larocca
Wayne Brown
William Amos


May 26th First show.
“The Show That Never Ends”